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KIS-Net is the best customized information platform.
A description of the service can be found below.
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KIS-Net is a comprehensive web-based bond analysis platform that collects and analyzes bond data and provides comprehensive content for investment decisions. It provides bond index, market information, and portfolio performance analysis.

  • KIS Bond Index, Market Information, Portfolio Performance Analysis
  • Comprehensive analysis from Foreign Bonds to Structured Products and Front to Back Office
  • It reflects the actual fund management process, provides the information necessary for the institutional investor to make accurate investment decisions
  • Provide market information(issuance, trade and interest rate), and analysis information on portfolio excess return VS. benchmark

Development process

inform of 2001~2018 Development process
  • 2001 - First to develop portfolio management and performance analysis system
  • 2005 - Developed into an institutional investor's operating process system
  • 2018 - Enhance the convenience and expandability of the platform

Main Contents

inform of Index Information, Market Information, Derivatives-linked securities, Performance Analysis
Index Information
  • Enhanced speed of the Bond Index generation
  • Extension of coverage of bond index service through cell segmentation
  • Enhancement of function and convenience
  • Additional risk management information, detail on index constituent information, risk profile
Market Information Interest information
  • Including major foreign interest rates, user can select interest rates and analyze/compare
  • Bond, CP issuer interest rate, interest rate by credit rating, interest rate scenario analysis
Bond Information
  • TIPS, correlation coefficient of KTB futures by item, KTB bidding information
  • Smart portfolio function: Optimal Sharpe Ratio, target return, low risk
Company Information
  • Display of bond issuance size, short-term issued size, credit rating, interest rate information
  • BIR Data, Default rates by sector / company
Derivatives-linked securities
  • Provide basic asset analysis and statistics
  • Provide issue calendar by type / asset basis / issuer basis
Performance Analysis
  • First to provide bond Multi-Factor Model: Support performance evaluation by Term Structure, Spread and Specific factors
  • Portfolio management is possible through not only by user's input but also through a trust company
  • Able to analyze the bond performance factor and sector allocation factor in a complex way
KIS-Net is the best customized information platform.
A description of the service can be found below.
Redirect to KIS-NET

Step-by-step support on investment decision process

Main Function
inform of Main Function
01Benchmark 02Model portfolio 03Fund Management analysis 04Fund Simulation 05Market Analysis Information
01. Benchmark, 02. Model portfolio, 03. Fund Management analysis, 04. Fund Simulation, 05. Market Analysis Information
Menu Flow Features
inform of Menu Flow Features
Investment Process reflected menu and analysis modules
  • Ability to set benchmarks and model portfolios that reflects investment objectives and strategies
  • Fund analysis with benchmark and model portfolio
  • Calculate fund analysis results that can be reflected in the operation process

Ability to predict the results of operation strategy through simulation function

Market screen to reflect market information when establishing investment strategy

Using KIS-Net

inform of Using KIS-Net