KIS Pricing

KIS Pricing is pursuing a leading valuation company that opens the horizon of the financial market with the trust of customers and market participants.
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Since its establishment in June 2000, KIS Pricing has been making every effort to provide the highest level of service and to gain the highest level of customer trust.

In recent years, transactions of derivatives that reflect interest rates, exchange rates, and stock prices have continued to increase than traditional financial instruments trading, hence the valuation of securities has also become increasingly important.

KIS Pricing, which pursues the best securities valuation company, has been working with customers for more than 18 years and accumulated know-how and excellent human resources to strengthen exchanges with the market and quickly reflect the needs of the financial market. We will try to meet expectations of our customers and market participants through ongoing investment.

KIS Pricing will continue to grow with our customers through the highest level of trust and reputation, and we will do our best to keep the best value in the industry.

Thank you for your interest and support to KIS Pricing once again.

CEO      Kie Yoon

inform of KIS PRICING Vision
  • 09 First to develop Multifactor Model, introduced factor based performance evaluation model
    IFRS 9 Hedge Testing Services
  • 05 Korea Federation of Banks, Unlisted Equities Fair Value Pricing Service provider
  • 04 TIGER Mid-Long Term KTB ETF Tracking Index
  • 02 Web Based KIS-NET
  • 01 Business cycle reflected Expected Default Rate Data
    IFRS 9 (SWAP,FX Forward) DVA Service
  • 10 KTB futures correlation service to Asset Mgmt. and Trust
  • 07 K-ICS Interest Scenario Simulation Service
  • 06 KB STAR Mid/Long term KTB Active ETF, KIS KTB Coverage index 3M~1.5Y, 4~5Y
    TIGER Short Term Active ETF comparison Index , KIS 3M Currency Stabilization Bond Index (Total Return)
  • 03 Inauguration of NEW CEO, Won Chang Jeong
    KIS Pricing Code of Conduct Implementation
  • 01 Self-Credit Risk(Issued Bonds)
  • 12 Korea EXIM Bank Information system construction Service provider
  • 06 Hana Fund Service, Next-Generation System construction Service provider
  • 12 National Pension Bond Information Service provider
  • 06 Korea postal Service, Alternative Asset Pricing Service provider
  • 03 Samsung Fire&Marine Insurance Bond Information Service provider
  • 12 Korea-Israel, international joint technology development project selected
  • 06 Korea Housing Finance R&D project
  • 03 Korea Federation of Banks, Unlisted Equities Fair Value Pricing Service provider
  • 10 Korea Securities Depository Corp. Bond Credit Risk Monitoring Method R&D
  • 08 KIS-Var(Value at Risk) engine development
  • 04 KOBI Credit Alpha Index Announcement
  • 03 OTC product Volatility Surface development
  • 11 National Pension, Unlisted Equities Fair Value Verification Service provider
  • 06 Korea Securities Depository Information Portal System Project
  • 03 Shinhan Bank Fixed Income Management System Project
    Korea Federation of Banks, Unlisted Equities Fair Value Pricing Service provider
  • 02 National Pension Fund Performance Evaluation
  • 12 FSS『OTC Centralized Clearing House Risk Management Research』
  • 10 National Pension Fund Performance Evaluation
  • 06 Korea Venture Fund Performance Evaluation Model Research and Evaluation
  • 04 Moody’s Direct Investment (Share Acquisition 16%)
  • 03 Inauguration of NEW CEO, Sun Dae Kim